Flores Tour 11Days 10Nights

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11 Days

Flores Tour 11Days 10Nights

Flores Tour 11Days 10Nights

Day 1:  Maumere  – Moni

  • After breakfast
  • Visit Maumere Market
  • Lunch at Paga Beach
  • Continue to vist beautiful Koka beach where you can  rilex for a while
  • Continue to Moni village

Day 2: Moni and Surrounding

  • Very early in the morning ( 4.30  am ) , drive up to the Kelimutu to see the three coloured lake at the sunrise
  • Enjoy the sunrise at top of the mountain, the colors however, have changed continually since the eruption of Mount Iya in Ende in 1969
  • It is spectacular view
  • On the way back see the hot spring water
  • Back to the hotel for breakfast
  • Continue to visit traditional Jopu traditional village
  • Visit Murundao waterfall….
  • Visiting hot spring water

Day 3: Moni – Riung

  • Enjoy the breakfast
  • Continue to visit Nduaria village of traditional fruit and vegetable market
  • Continue to visit Wologai traditional village
  • Pass by Ende Village continue to Blue stone beach and having lunch while enjoy the nice view
  • Continue to Riung

Day 4: Riung Island trip…

  • Enjoying the breakfast
  • Strated to explore Riung 17 island s by boat
  • Enjoying  swimming and snoorkeling around Tiga island
  • Enjoy fresh bbq lunch at the Rutong island which is you may swimming ,
  • Snorkelling and rilex at white sand beach
  • Visit the Bat island and enjoy the spectacular of 1000 bats hanging and living in that island
  • Back to the hotel

Day 5: Riung – Bajawa

  • Enjoying morning breakfast and continue to Bajawa  village
  • Stop by at So’a hot spring water
  • Visit Bajawa traditional Market

Day 6: Bajawa and Surrounding

  • Enjoying morning breakfast with famous Bajawa Arabica coffee
  • Morning visit to Bena tradisional village,
  • Rhey are related and belong to Ngada district and culture
  • Visit Malanage hot spring water…

Day 7: Bajawa and Surrounding

  • Enjoyting the breakfast and after breakfast visiting Wogo village
  • Tracking around Inerie Volcano
  • Visiting Loba village
  • Enjoying Bajawa

Day 8: Bajawa – Ruteng

  • After enjoying breakfast continue to visit Tololela traditional village
  • Visit Aimere village where you can see and experience traditional Arak “ local alchohol “ process
  • Continue to visit Ranamese lake
  • Visit Ruteng village

Day 9. Ruteng and Surrounding

  • After breakfast
  • Drive to Visit Liang Bua Cave, an archaeology site where “ the Hobbits “ of Flores was founded
  • Visiting Golo curu hill where you can have the nice  view of Ruteng  and rice terrace on the northern side
  • Back to Ruteng

Day 10: Ruteng and surrounding

  • After the breakfast visiting Tengkulese waterfall in the northern part of Ruteng,
  • Tengkulese waterfall whichis also referred to as “Cunca Lega” means waterfall in Manggaraian language,
  • Thewater drops over two levels surrounded by a lust forest and a nice terraces
  • Visiting around Ruteng
  • Back to the hotel

Day 11: Ruteng – Labuhan Bajo

  • After breakfast
  • Vising Ruteng Pu’u traditional houses of Manggarai tribe’s
  • Continue drive to visit Cancar village to see the unique Lingko spider web rice field



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